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tv   [untitled]    March 10, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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we'll be. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realms of. the future coverage. becomes the first major power to recognize libya's rebels as the people's legitimity representatives fueling fears that the country's close to full military intervention. sixty six just. localism libya feel their country's on the brink of civil war about hope other nations will follow russia's lead with an arm band to help stabilize the situation the. discussions on dealing with libya are hard to avoid as the u.s. vice president meets russian leaders in moscow boosting trade ties is also in joe
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biden's agenda as he sits down with legs in the closing on day two of his visit. and moscow now as want any other city forbes list more than one hundred russia and its annual rating of the world's richest people can you put that and more of this is boston. it's three pm in moscow i match reza good to have you with us here on r t our top story france says it's recognizing libya's rebels as the quote legitimate representatives of the people this comes ahead of nato defense officials and e.u. foreign ministers meeting in brussels to discuss what moves they could make or he's daniel bushell has more from brussels well there was a meeting between president sarkozy's office of france and the libyan rebel national council off the wish it was decided so now says use. say that france rick
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ignores is the rebels as the legitimate power in that country they will exchange ambassadors france will send an ambassador to bin causey and vice versa there will be a diplomat in france as the official representative of their country the french foreign minister ellen g.p.a. urged european partners to follow suit and engage with the new libyan leaders and the trouble is this opposition doesn't have much control it's as if certain pockets of the country in the east there's also devious question marks over its formation there are former ministers of justice the minister of the interior from a good effete regime in this party along with several rebels rebels who are dissidents also who spent years in prison and it's not sure why france has done this france it is not traditionally the closest ally of libya of course libya was a former colony of italy and there are question marks now being raised by the
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international community water france's motives of course one of them is the fear that military events intervention has been planned and will follow suit russia's invoice you need so told me that he now feels the worst. he's in right now there's a real danger missiles can be used against libyan air bases to deprive garvie his advantage as the legal head of state also there are attempts to legitimize the rebels seem to be outside of power has passed from gadhafi to the rebels in syria we have been repeated calls from the international community to leave early be alone and let the two sides sort out the dispute between themselves there's fears that this will disturb a hornet's nest by foreign military intervention even the rebels themselves say they would prefer the foreign sections not to get involved and yet as we heard from russia's representative to nato there are increasing fears that the western powers are gearing up for military intervention in the country. russia is imposing
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sanctions against moammar gadhafi regime banning the exports of weapons and military equipment as part of mounting pressure for action against libya following fresh clashes between rebels and government forces are he's paullus leader reports from tripoli on the reaction to russian and french announcements. the russian. scientists. from russia this includes weapons munitions. military equipment the question from minister sergei lavrov has been at pains to point out that this does not mean that russia's for international intervention russia is very defiant and very clear the position that it does not support by nato members so no fly zone to be implemented over libya. any foreign intervention on the african continent question these countries must handle everything themselves concerning the proposed no fly zone over libya the
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idea needs a lot more thought and consideration before anyone makes any decision we must be presented with all the details and we must have an objective picture of what's happening on the ground we must be certain. population is at the top of the agenda . these demonstrations by productive supporters are becoming move here on the streets of tripoli they're chanting slogans that gadhafi is the leader and he's going nowhere people here are confused and angry reaction from paris for many recognize the opposition those who have spoken to also say that they're afraid that if the situation logic dictates that i find sufficiently recognise the opposition it does not recognize the duchy people who are asking what france some seem to be reinforcements to the opposition now half way through a seventy two hour ultimatum i can't. believe this if he does so
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they will not institute war crimes against him that he accuses the rebels of being traitors and he's placed a few hundred thousand pounds on the hit of. the miles where the country fighting is intensifying in the oil rich strategically. so to town of as we are it is just some fifty kilometers away from the capital tripoli now we've tried on two occasions to get it but it's simply impossible to move around the city without government permission and government minders the oil which pulled off the last was also struck by government plays well the finally they went up in flames it is the first oil installations installment to be hit directly. france's official recognition of rebel authority underlines fears of libya's descent into civil war and with weapons piles on both sides said weeks of fighting and bloodshed appear far from over are these are sort of boyko reports from rebel controlled benghazi
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where the lack of control of the country could have devastating long term effects. after the liberation chance the rattle of kalashnikovs is the most common sound in the ghazi ever since rebels seized weapons depots in eastern libya rifles became the ultimate symbol of masculinity that every young man in this city once one thing in common between more market are free and it forced the struggling town c.p.u. is a fascination with the arms believe in leader he developed a liking for kalashnikov rifle so much so that he even had an eight case food just seven munition plant built here in libya that runs these fun produced an hour hailing all across eastern libya on the frontlines and beyond young man with rifles have become a fixture on the streets of benghazi they're eager to show them off and often slap happy in their handling of the arms. hands or a soldier from the been the as
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a garrison who joined the uprising says many of the stella rebels don't have any experience with arms but he says is made out by their passionate determination of see the. point until the last to the last drop of goldies on. the you've been ghazi is still living off of the revolutionary fever from dusk till dawn people congregate on the city's main square calling for gadhafi to go most of the factories are closed the only people still working a shop owners here is good no good no good. many people no people and public servants like these traffic police officers despite the loss of control over is to. leave here because the government continues to pay salaries to those employed by this the. yes i received my last paycheck about ten days ago but there is nothing to thank the duffy for myself it is just two hundred fifty hours without
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i can barely support my family agitation and uncertainty of the last few weeks are already exerting their toll on public health in gaza a psychiatric hospital is now flooded with patients because preexisting conditions were exacerbated by the unrest nowadays because of the people uprising and lots of people suffering from the so-called banneker's shoulders. some of our mission old surviving relapses from their previous mental problems now because of the. uprising because of the shooting. was painted and ridiculed get doubtingly being the most valuable asset for the opposition movement as that hatred pulls people together for the time being it unites those who spent years serving in his government and the victims of this persecution yet their chance for free libya i get to be augmented by
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a clear vision of how to achieve it very hard to try to determine who could be the real charismatic leader the real strong structure that could come in on the ground they could say well i am well known by. program some horizons and i will be able to achieve or to be the alternative again or that will help achieve better perspectives and a better horizon people in bin gazi are now living of their savings sharing whatever little they have most of them are confident that once again that the leaves the bright future will dawn on them but if past revolutions are anything to go by the abundance of our. and hordes of idly roaming men could mean exactly the opposite. some like art see in god. and in just over an hour a former british ambassador to libya talks about r t oliver miles tells us that
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many of the stories coming from libya don't ring true to him with the real situation and talk of a no fly zone is premature here are some of what we'll hear coming up later. right from the beginning of the conflict in libya stories of attacks on civilian populations but i don't know of a single authentication case i think we've all probably had the experience i don't know so if we media correspondents are telephoning anyone they can find in libya and the story you get from everybody is we're right here where i am there's some shooting and it sounds nasty but i'm not going outside to look and yes i have heard stories of mormons but none of them in my area that seems to be the general picture so i don't believe it really i think is disproportionate force at the moment to talk about a blue fly zone. all talk of international involvement in libya is going to be tough to avoid for the u.s. vice president who's on day two of his visit to moscow russia has stopped arms
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exports to libya but maintains its stance against military intervention or he's caterina's are about as the latest. russia despite backing un sanctions and since today halting all major military trade and transport libya has so far maintain the position that it is an internal conflict and all foreign powers need to stay back and let libyans sort this out by themselves however the united states has not ruled out a possibility of a military intervention and joe biden is certainly going to be trying to sound out the russian leaders on how firm their position is exactly on that matter of course libya and the current crisis was definitely not on the agenda when this visit was originally planned it was scheduled a long while ago joe biden of course has a lot of things on the agenda he talked a lot of business with russian leaders both russian president and the russian prime
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minister focusing on trade ties with put in today joe biden spoke of necessary improvements in order to boost the current trade between the two countries and both the u.s. vice president and the russian prime minister agreeing that several very important steps have already been taken such as of course signing the start treaty by the russian and american leaders also the prove and corporation between russia and the coalition forces when it comes to of ghana's stand and the u.s. military presence in that country so a lot of progress but still of course a lot of work to be done both men actually spoke of possibly. relinquishing of these a regime between their two countries. it would be. russia u.s. relationship if we work for. the u.s. and russia. and russia. are
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feeling pretty good but mostly the talks were just business there is a lot of business of course potentially for the two sides to investigate and invest and that is exactly what joe biden was doing here in moscow. hearings will soon be underway in the u.s. congress over the radicalization of american muslims are being led by homeland security chairman peter king who says there are vital to the protection of the nation but as are his marine important i reports congressman king wasn't always so negative toward the muslim community. on friday. a familiar sound of worship echoes from the islamic center of long island. zero zero it's a place of prayer education and community service for many of long island's seventy thousand muslims it's also a place where u.s. congressman peter king spent years building bridges with american voters.
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supporters who today remain shocked that king leave build their mosque a hotbed for extremism that should be put under surveillance he has attended a lot of beddings old snow and we have been to his office many times whatever we needed help with. how deep ahmed is chairman of the long island center that sits just outside the boundaries of king's third congressional district. fears the man he once fundraise for may currently be the strongest force fueling the flames of islamophobia in america safety and security of my community is my biggest concern and trying to create probably. why i've been doing these things during his early days as congressman king was often seen at the islamic center on long island giving lectures holding book signings even serving as the main guest of honor when the prayer officially open official say since september eleventh two thousand and
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one the u.s. representative has not stepped one foot inside this building these lawn of center unanimously condemned the event but can cut ties with the institution after two officials were quoted denying muslim involvement and linking israel to nine eleven . instead peter kate recently appointed chairman of the powerful house homeland security committee has announced congressional hearings on a legit hit in radicalism among american muslims and mosques. a drastic turn that has brought fear to king's constituents these are allies. and allies in every way and in a way that will not serve as a shield or. even outside of my states it has been very disturbing especially when the coalition of muslim population in the
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long island community is growing substantially looking for support. congressman king has said that most muslim leaders in this country aren't cooperating with authorities yet no member of this long island islamic center has ever been accused of terrorism. muslim americans in this community are appalled that their very own u.s. representative is targeting them based on their religious belief there are extremists in every every community every religion i mean you know why just islam what it's you have to gain from it their personal vendetta or maybe something to do and in the politics there's a lot of fear people are really angry anxious because to because the burden falls on our shoulders can really explain explain all three in a country of tolerance a new york community left feeling isolated and marginalized by the man they once
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rallied behind. r.t.e. in new york. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe a powerful earthquake measuring almost six on the richter scale has struck china's southwest near the border with me on the car at least twenty two people have been killed more than two hundred injured witnesses report people being buried under debris one part of a supermarket in a hotel collapsed and shermer caused serious damage and other buildings almost followed by three operation within a few minutes of. britain's foreign secretary is condemned terror on after u.k. and nato forces seized what they say were iranian weapons headed for the taliban in afghanistan william hague believes the arms were clearly intended for insurgents to kill afghan and international troops from a significant distance iran denies that's why the shipment of forty eight rockets and other ammunition that were received after are covered after a firefight that saw a number of insurgents killed. heavy rain and strong winds are battering
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southeastern u.s. tearing apart buildings and overturning cars at least three tornadoes blew through louisiana with others reported in alabama flash flood warnings are in effect in mississippi with roads in several counties there are flooded there are similar problems also farther north with further deluge expected in new jersey. the dalai lama is stepping down from his political responsibilities tibet's exiled spiritual leaders says he'll begin the process of developing his power next week if the changes are made leadership of the group will go to when elected leader this announcement comes on the anniversary of the one nine hundred fifty nine a riots in tibet that led to the dalai lama's exile. and a train has overshot the end of the railway line in melbourne australia before smashing into the wall of a bank there were no passengers aboard as the driver tried to turn his train around he was unhurt in the crash is comes less than an hour after another train in the city also derailed it's thought wet weather conditions played
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a part in both incidents. remember you can always stands out with us around the clock on line at our t. dot com here's what's online for you right now. and check out these wheels of fortune with our reminiscing writer who takes to moscow's retro car museum. and discover how chechnya's team tara got on when they got up against a brazilian football legends from past and present and they came to the russian republic for a friendly match. stay with us here on r.g.p. korea melican is up next with the business news. and i welcome to business good to have you with me and
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a record number of billionaires have joined the list of the world's richest this year the twelve hundred wealthiest people are now worth a total of four and a half trillion dollars with russia's tycoons holding a significant part of that wealth. perth i think pouring out the numbers. well the top ranking russian was still taking flight in a listen he ranks number fourteen on the forbes rich less over the next to me to personal wealth of twenty four billion dollars now that's an increase of around ten billion dollars since last year not push him up eighteen places as we said to number forty now top of the forbes rich list or for the second year mexican media tycoon carlos slim he has an estimated personal wealth of seventy four billion dollars but as we said a number of russians making that list russia's actually increases number of billionaires from sixty two last year to one hundred one this year and is now home to fifteen of the world's hundred richest people now we're actually stood on the
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street which is being named as one of the most expensive streets in the world and possibly if you hang around long enough you might bump in to one of these billionaires because seventy nine overshoes billionaires currently reside in moscow making the capital home to more billionaires in any other city in the world knows he said much of the world has been generated by the scheme in commodities and listen steel company has seen it also turns almost pretty financial crisis levels and this is part of what's contributed to say many russians are doing so well in the polls which this year. now i mean to discuss the fat cats finances it better iris is editor in chief of business news magazine thanks ben for coming in so how do you rich people becoming wealthier despite all the economic downturn that is pulling everybody else down but us thing is pulling everyone else. i mean it continues to grow i mean we've got four percent growth predicted for this year and actually growth is accelerating i mean during the crisis we had we went from seven
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percent growth to seven percent contraction but underlying that's i mean i was bracing because this is not working underlying that the average incomes of russia have increased throughout the crisis so people now are actually wealthier than they were at the beginning of this whole and they're continuing to shop i mean in many ways it benefited some of the russian companies who saw there was a massive trade down to cheap crude but of course cheap russian foods so companies like magnet the supermarket chain actually had a record year in two thousand and. thirteen said i think greece or investment plans have become hugely profitable and the guys who are running decent domestic businesses are the ones that are really benefiting from crisis but in what way other russian tycoon similar to the global it stuff up billionaires around the world they're becoming more. difficult it's part of the process i mean when the soviet union collapsed the first round of money was made from simply capitalizing on the distortions you know you can find soviet union for a dollar
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a barrel if you could get it across the border and so for twenty five dollars however progressively as we've gone on the second decade from by three thousand homewards people started building businesses and increasingly russian economy is driven by normal businesses and if you look at the states and it's mainly services here in russia the extractive industries account for thirty percent of g.d.p. already services council just fifty percent so is the new consensus of businesses and recognize abroad that are starting to dominate an economy and making people money and is there a link between. the forbes sort of fat capitalist and the structure of the whole russian economy indeed i mean the listener who runs the still list and again if you look at the top of the list very there. but if you go down the list increasingly it's these new economy guys who are starting to mainstream. if you go outside the billionaires and. millionaires multimillionaires they're all coming from service
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industries are we from from retail from consumer goods and services. well i think that's that's all right. thank you very much for giving us a look at how billion has come up for discussion. and for reporting people that already so forth worth reporting about the fortune magazine now the other stories all prizes are pulling back from the earlier games now w. tries trading at over one hundred three dollars per barrel brant crude is around one hundred fifty dollars investors still remain cautious over levy as of rest and much of the country's oil production is already off line and adding fuel to the flames as news that khadafi is wrong both facilities in the country inflicting what could be long term damage to me because expert capacity and let's take a quick look at the markets european stock markets are down sharply after moody's cut its rating on spanish sovereign debt fears losses kim came off the big falls
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for most asian markets including a one percent drop for china shanghai composite along stocks on the move shares in ukase insurance and investment group standard life dropped two percent after its reported results for two thousand and ten and here in russia stocks lived by their most in more than a week after china reported an unexpected seven point three billion dollars trade deficit the r.t.s. is losing over a percentage while this down over percent and now let's look at some individual shareholders energy and banking stocks and low oil gas promise losing over one hundred percent all the. shedding just under two percent and us pasco rawson's fifth largest producer of coal is the biggest loser so proud down over the five percent that's up three fourths of the company's own our. advice. and so for now join us in less than one of your business news here on our city.
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wealthy british style signs that's not on. the. market financials going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with months concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause
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a report. that in. the needs of the best and the d.v.d. radio ended in an intensive no number for the bars because you spread that i must say the. most dangerous. radiation that exists in the nature. of across the globe in the vicinity of known differentiated so produces so much heat and so many changes including cancer leukemia. arising out of the immune system. you don't have to have a college degree going to have to make printed you creation to understand big red radioactive materials all over somebody's backyard that you've got a problem. he
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observed nature and discover is. the communicate with the wild and lemon. test yourself and become free to. see what nature can give you a nazi. more news today violence is once again flared up if these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of chatter about. change hope for a shelter all today. in india she's available games the move go hard enough.


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